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Infectious diseases


Because we are sensitive at any age, it is necessary to be able to detect viral organisms responsible for infections via serological or direct tests.

Respiratory infections concern us a little more every year. And don't forget epidemic diseases such as measles!

Our parameters are available on ELISA technology, Immunodot, classic Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) and on new generation of individual test using lateral flow and fluorescence : SOFIA®.

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Respiratory infections

  • Adenovirus (ELISA)
  • Influenza A and B (ELISA)(Rapid Test)
  • VRS (ELISA)(Rapid Test)
  • Para-influenza 1/2/3 (ELISA)

Child diseases

  • Mumps (ELISA)
  • Measles (ELISA)
  • Rubella (ELISA)
  • Chickenpox (ELISA)

Sexually transmitted infections

  • HIV (ELISA)(Immunodot)
  • Hepatitis C (ELISA)(Immunodot)
  • Hepatitis D (ELISA)
  • Herpes I and II (ELISA)(Immunodot)
  • HTLV (ELISA)(Immunodot)

Other parameters

  • EBV (ELISA)(Rapid Test)
  • Enterovirus (ELISA)
  • Hepatitis E (ELISA)
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(Test Rapide) Rapid Diagnostic Test
(Immunodot) Immunodot